Information System and Project Management

| February 5, 2015

As a Project Manager responsible for the following projects: Congratulations! You have been selected as the project manager for the Green Computing Research Project. The company’s CEO, Ben, is the project sponsor, and Ito is the program manager for the large Environmental Technologies Program that this project is part of. Now you need to put together your project team and get to work on this – visibility project. You will work with Ben to hand –pick your team. Ben had already worked with the HR department to advertise these openings internally as well as outside the company. Ben had also used his personal contacts to let people know about this important project. In addition you are encouraged to use outside consultants and other resources, as appropriate. Initial estimates suggest that about $300,000 budgeted for this project will go to internal staffing and the rest to outside sources. The total cost of the project is $0.5m. The main products you will produce will be a series of research reports –one for each green computing technology (Data center and overall energy efficiency, The disposal of electronic waste and recycling, Telecommuting, Virtualization of server resources, Thin client solutions, use of open sources software, and) listed earlier plus one final report including all data –plus formal project proposals for at least four recommendations for implementing some of these technologies. Ben mentioned that he knew there had already been some research done on increasing the use of telecommuting. Ben also showed you examples of what he considered to be good research reports. You notice that his examples are very professional, with a lot of charts and references, and most are 20-30 Page 15 of 19 pages long and single-spaced. Ben has also shown you examples of good formal project proposals for We Are Beg, Inc., and you are surprised to see how detailed they are, as well they often reference other research and include a detailed business case. Tasks 1. Identify a set of criteria for selecting projects from the prospective list identified in Environmental Technologies programme, prioritise your top 5 providing a full justification for your choice. (20 marks) 2. Conduct a risk analysis on the 5 project you have chosen, stating any assumptions you have made. (20 marks) 3. Chose one of the projects you have prioritised above and document the functional requirements and the standards to be achieved. Including a requirements traceability matrix. Use the template provided (reqs_martix.xls). Also include a list of questions you would like to ask the sponsor about the scope and quality required. 1. Develop a scope statement for the project using the template provided (scope_statement.doc). Be as specific as possible in describing product characteristics and deliverables. Make assumptions as needed, assuming you got answers to the questions you had in Task 1. (20 marks) 2. Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) for the project. Break down the work to level 3 or level 4, as appropriate. Use the template on the companion Web site (wbs.doc) and samples in the text as guides. Print the WBS in list from as a world life. Be sure to base your WBS on the project scope statement, stake-holder Page 16 of 19 requirements, and other relevant information. Remember to include the work involved in selecting the rest of your project team and outside resources as well as coordinating with the Environment Technologies Program. Use the project management process groups as level 2 WBS items or include project management as a level 2 WBS item to make sure you include work related to managing the project. (20 marks) 3. Given that the total budget available for the project is $0.5m, research the cost of a consultant, designer, developer and tester and calculate the earliest date the project can be delivered. Clearly state any assumptions you have made (20 marks)

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