Individual Assignment – preliminary investigation of a THGE issue/problem

| August 27, 2015

Individual Assignment – preliminary investigation of a THGE issue/problem

Preamble: An important preliminary task when doing research is to find the body of knowledge that exists in relation to your research interest. This is done by reviewing the existing literature and finding relevant information from creditable sources such as established databases. This is known as doing a literature review and is critical to academic research and the basis for how you conduct the rest of your investigation.

In this assignment you will do a preliminary investigation (literature review) of an issue/problem within that topic.

Research and discuss the issues from your chosen topic citing all sources of information using the WAI referencing style which is the APA format.
All your references will be kept in your EndNote library.

Topic:Event Impacts on Tourism.
While events are run in specific or selected locales, they can be major sources of tourism that impact the local community. Analyse the existing research.

A good starting place for Topic: Event Impacts on tourism.
Getz, D. (2008). Event tourism: definition, evolution, and research.Tourism Management, 29 (3), 403-428.

Leonard, J. (2008).Residents’ perceptions of the impacts of special event tourism. Journal of Place Management and Development, 1(3), 240-255.

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