INDAINS IN GUYANA a concise history from their arrival to the present by Basedeo Mangru

| April 3, 2014

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Please write a book report (highest 3 and half pages. No more than that) for the above book written by Basdeo Mangru. ***Do not write any bibliography.****
In the 1st paragraph must mention about the book, Author, Setting, Nobel and Objectives. Mention some themes of the book and which theme you will be discussing. (** You don’t have discuss all themes. Only one important theme you have to discuss**)
Use two pages to discuss about that theme. Use last page to analyze the theme which must have the following
Your Impression about Author’s Treatment of Theme and this should include
1. Either it was adequate or inadequate. 2. Was the theme controversial? 3. Did the author shows any bias? 4. Did author show any balance view? 5. Was the language was simple and clear? 6. Talk about the tone of the theme (Critical or sympathetic)
Please write in proper APA format. Be very care full about citation and in every step because Author himself is my professor.
For your information I’ve attached the front and back cover of the book, the link and id and password for the link to download the book and direction for the book report.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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