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| December 6, 2015

The idea of project:

our project is about creating a intelligent system that will help the user to make decision in faster and easy way

we have an idea that is to create a new system for our college for course register

our system is not that good as the students wants

we want the courses to be in the same sequence as the study plan for registration – for the main courses and for the elective also

we also want to show the courses dependence

for example you cannot take 103 course without completing 102 course

and when the course is register , we want to show the course schedule as the picture provided.

and when the student complete his registration he can print and save the schedule – the final out put schedule

If the student faces a class clashes it will show the clash time and the course that have clash with

and provide them better solution such as changing the section or report this problem to the responsible  employee- provide the student with suggestions to solve her problem

You can use the pictures below as an example .. And the logo to put in in the interface


1. Read about Creativity below.

2. Do literatures review from Google or from given list of Bibliography.

3. Design your invention into Interface Design and using any solution models

4. Goto http://www.scoop.it/t/kaymarlyn and select ‘Tools’ tags under ‘Search in topic’ menu. Study

and learn about “60 User Interface Design Tools A Web Designer Must Have” and other prototyping

and mockup tools from the page.

5. Illustrate your idea into interface design using the selected best tool for your Design Category and

provide the explanation. You might search from the Internet using keywords to view other example of

process or models.

6. Disseminate your idea and how your system works into proper formatted report.

7. Presentation will determined the winners ranking and will contribute max 35/50 marks from the

total marks.

8. Shows all the workload distribution among your group members in the given table.

9. Lastly, provide all the references and websites that you visited and used in the report.


 Academic System

 Students Manager

 University DSS

 Mobile Apps

 Student Work/ Activities Application

Project Requirement :

Creativity Creativity involves the generation of new ideas or the recombination of known elements into something new, providing valuable solutions to a problem. It also involves motivation and emotion. Creativity “is a fundamental feature of human intelligence in general. It is grounded in everyday capacities such as the association of ideas, reminding, perception, analogical thinking, searching a structured problem-space, and reflecting self-criticism. It involves not only a cognitive dimension (the generation of new ideas) but also motivation and emotion, and is closely linked to cultural context and personality factors.” (Boden 1998).

 Fundamental concepts for all creative techniques are:

· The suspension of premature judgment and the lack of filtering of ideas.

· Use the intermediate impossible.

· Create analogies and metaphors, through symbols, etc., by finding similarities between the situations, which we wish to understand and another situation, which we already understand.

· Build imaginative and ideal situations (invent the ideal vision).

· Find ways to make the ideal vision happen.

· Relate things or ideas which were previously unrelated.

· Generate multiple solutions to a problem.

 AI (artificial intelligence) models of creativity AI deals with solving non-quantified, unstructured problems. Its task is about knowledge representation and reasoning and to build intelligent, rational, and autonomous agents. Current AI models of creativity involve different types and appropriate techniques of supporting the generation of new ideas. According to Margaret Boden (1998), in respect to the three types of creativity, there are also three main types of computer models that involve:

1. The stimulation of the combination of ideas, mainly by using analogies in the sense that associated ideas shares some inherent conceptual structure.

2. The exploration of structured concepts, so that novel and unexpected ideas result. It requires considerable domain-expertise and analytical power to define the conceptual space and to specify procedures that enable its potential to be explored.

 3. The transformation of a problem, so that new structures can be generated which could not have arisen before. New solutions to a problem can be created with transforming a problem into a new problem, solve the new problem and then adapting the solution back to the original problem.

 AI employs symbolic approaches for creative problem solving and includes stimulus such as heuristics, search, weak methods, knowledge representation and reasoning to facilitate problem structuring and idea generation. The focus of AI creativity techniques in the form of computerized programs, is to help users to take a fresh look at problems by guiding what may be a user’s otherwise undisciplined intuition through a series of problemsolving exercises, and to think in non-linear et non-logical ways. The main advantage of computerized, guided problem solving is that the programs prompt a user for ideas in a thorough manner. Recent programs of AI include also knowledge-based approaches, using large-scale databases and narrative systems (Chen 1998). AI researches have also developed efficient search algorithms for problem solving.

Some expected results of the creativity process are:

·innovation through new product and process ideas

·continuous improvement of products or services

·productivity increase




·quality of products or services

·high performance


The idea of project:



Inter Face EX:





Credit hour Courses
5 MIS 348
5 MIS 440
5 MIS 445
3 MGT 3xx
3 MGT 418
2 LIS 101
3 XE 451
3 XE452


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