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| December 2, 2015

Specifications for Paper:

7-10 pages

12 point type in a font that can be easily read by your middle aged professor

10 Sources (only 1 “news” source can be used within that 10 sources)

Endnotes must be used within each paragraph to cite all sources used within each paragraph.  Have IT help you if you do not know how to create Endnotes.

A works cited page should be at the end of the paper, after the endnotes pages.

You should have a lot of endnotes if you are appropriately discussing your sources within the paper.

Your paper can be written about a certain court case (appellate level) or an area of the law in which you discuss more than one court case.  If your paper is on only one court case, it should be a really important case in that area of the law and should be an in depth discussion of that case.  If it is a paper on an area of law, you can compare and contrast more than one court case (appellate level).  This paper is supposed to be analytical, not merely descriptive.

Use Westlaw to research this paper.  Contact the reference librarian at the university library for assistance using Westlaw

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