| December 2, 2015
Presented below is a job offer letter to a finalist for the position of Human Resources Manager. Evaluate the content of the offer letter using materials discussed in the text and in class. Be sure to identify specific concerns and propose corrections.
Hampton Defense Industries, Inc.
Box 50, Hampton, Virginia
Mr. Juan Hombre
123 El Camino Way	June 5, 2009
El Segundo, CA

Dear Juan:

We are pleased to offer you the position of Human Resources Manager in our Hampton, VA headquarters. Your employment will begin as soon as your security clearance is approved by the Department of Defense.

Your beginning salary will be $6,000 per month. Each January, you will be considered for a salary increase based upon your performance. You will also participate in the benefits program provided to all salaried employees of the company which includes medical, dental, and vision coverage, as well as a 401(k) thrift plan and 12 holidays annually. The details of your benefit package are included as an attachment to this letter. [There is no attachment for the purpose of this assignment.]

As agreed, we will also provide you a signing bonus of $5,000, and you will be eligible annually for a performance bonus as well. Your annual target bonus opportunity will be 25% of salary. Your actual bonus will vary with your performance and company profitability. However, for your first year of employment, we will guarantee you a minimum bonus of $10,000.

To facilitate your movement to the Hampton area, we will reimburse you for two house-hunting trips and reasonable and customary final moving expenses.

We hope you will accept our offer of employment. I think you will find Hampton Industries to be an exceptional career opportunity which will provide you with many years of professional satisfaction.

Please provide us with a response to this offer as soon as convenient. You may indicate your acceptance by signing, dating, and returning one copy of this offer letter in the self-addressed envelope provided. Should you wish clarification of any of the terms of this offer, please call me at 757-101-3333.


Shannon O’Casey
V.P., Human Resources

I accept the employment offer as presented above. I have received no promises other than those presented in this letter.

Signed: ___________________________________ Date: ______________________



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