How to Get a Job: Resumes, Letters, Applications and Interviews

| December 23, 2014

Business Writing;: How to Get a Job: Resumes, Letters, Applications and Interviews

Please write Using at least THREE different sources, compile a list of THREE employers for whom you would like to work. Get their names, street and e-mail addresses,

phone numbers, and names of the managers or human resource officers. Then select ONE company and write a profile about it–locations, services, kinds of products or

services offered, number of employees, clients served, types of schedules used, and any other pertinent facts(base in New York)

Example of paper

Full Circle Post

135 West 20th Street, 5th floor

New York, NY 10011


Rob Burgos, Editor in Chief

Goldcrest Post Productions

799 Washington St,

New York, NY 10014


Jake Eberts, Executive Producer

InterMedia Productions

1234 2nd Street,

Sarasota FL 34236


Jim Flynn, Executive Producer

Full Circle Post is a post production company based in New York City, where the main editor is Rob Burgos. It’s location is mainly in New York City but collaborations

involve other cities around the world. They focus on working with an extremely diverse range of clients. This clientele ranges from many forms of entertainment and

media including film, television, radio, internet, marketing, primarily communities both nationwide and internationally. The services they provide involve some

assistance to production, but mainly working on post production projects while also including video effects and color correction The reputation they have developed has

come from working with a budget that fulfills the requirements and exceeds the requirements. This post production company provides a casual environment that allows

discussions to determine the most beneficial production. They have dozens of offices where editors focus on a project to develop an outcome to more than satisfy the

clientele. The business days are 5 days a week, from 9 a.m.- 5.p.m. Overall, this company has developed material that was bought by Netflix and have participated in

collaborations with projects through HBO, and have worked with other production and post production companies to provide material for DVDs/ BluRay/ film festivals and

are increasing their success as they continue to develop high quality material.


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