How the Technology change the way we watch TV.

| April 7, 2014

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You will demonstrate familiarity with a range of issues concerning the impact of technology in the creative and cultural industries, including patterns of cultural participation, production and consumption with a focus on the Series HOUSE OF CARDS.
Areas that I will expect you to cover in the essay – you will focus in the Serie HOUSE OF CARDS and compare that with the way we use to watch TV before.
Patterns of cultural participation – here for example you can discuss how the public has change his participation, how we watch TV now and how we use to watch before.
Changes in production – examples of impact of a creative technology and digitalization. Here you can also bring in the impact on income streams through piracy and IP.
Consumption – distribution and marketing (Henderson C (2005) The Long Tail )
You can also discuss the changes in consumer choices and also corporate responsibility. Discuss corporate ownership of data through digitalization is relevant here.
You may also want to talk about ‘gate keeping role changes’
Conclusion – do include some of your own views about the future. .
You will focus on House of Cards as a series but you would need to
contextualise it within a cultural sector. So for example this could be
an example of change within the distribution and viewing patterns for the
television/broadcast sector. i.e. Through the introduction of streaming
and the increase in broadband width. about the reading
but you should do a search in the library on ‘changes of television
viewing patterns’.Also there has been quite a bit written abut the fact
that such a good television drama was commissioned by Netflix and wasn’t
viewed on terrestrial TV first so I think it is a good example to use for
highlighting the changes that technology is making on our viewing
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