How the brand awareness impact consumer purchase coffee's intention: the Perceived Quality and Brand Loyalty

| April 3, 2014

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Students design and carry out empirical research on a management topic of their choosing in the area of Business Management, and agreed with their supervisor. Students write a 10,000 word dissertation on that research project. Empirical research means that the research project includes the collection and analysis of appropriate primary or secondary data, using the appropriate methods and techniques.
Contents page List of tables, list of figures, list of chapters and subsections.
Executive Summary Summarizes Research Question, relevance, method, conclusion, and recommendations.
Chapter 1 Introduction Why this topic? Why should people be interested in this? Why this research question (what could we do if we knew the answer)? Overview of dissertation structure. 1000
Chapter 2 Literature Review Overview of the relevant literature, structured in a way that supports the justification of your research question. 3000
Chapter 3 Methodology Exhaustive description and justification of methods used to collect data, a description of the sample characteristics, and an acknowledgment of the limitations of your research project. 2000
Chapter 4 Findings Systematic presentation of the data before interpretation. 1000
Chapter 5 Discussion Analysis and discussion of findings systematically linked to the literature review. 2000
Chapter 6 Conclusion and Recommendation Presents an answer to the research question, comments on the relevance of this answer to
practice, and draws SMART recommendations for practice. 1000
Reference list Harvard style!
Appendices Participants’ informed consent sheets
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