How did the Community Oriented Policing Program Help Reduce Crime In America?

| April 25, 2014

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*the paper topic is listed in the “Topic” section.
* the textbook we use: An Introduction to Policing 5th Edition
John S. Dempsey, Linda S. Forst
ISBN-13: 9781435480537
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Copyright: 2010
Format: Paper; 624 pp.
Published 01/01/2010
* a cover page, then table of contents, then abstract should be present before the paper.
*All pages will be numbered with running heads according to APA standards. The last page in the body of the paper should include your summary and well-reasoned opinion on the assigned topic supported by verifiable sources
* Wikipedia, encyclopedia, and blogs are NOT acceptable as sources in academic writings.
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