Housing and homelssness in a youth and community work context

| April 21, 2014

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I am studying BA hounours in working wit chirden young people and families. This was an elective module. However I will attach lecture notes, readings and key notes later on. I also allow night calls. I need this assignmnet to meet them requirements. Case Study (3000 words): Examine and critically analyse an intervention you have had with a homeless person using concepts explored on the course, reflecting on whether your service can meet their needs.
Aspects to think about include:
• What is the nature of their homelessness? Is it a one off event or is there a pattern emerging? Have they become a part of a homeless culture?
• What issue have they, are they emotional, cognitive, practical or something else. Are they able to face these issues? Who else is involved?
• What is the legal situation? Are they owed a duty? What are their changes of
getting housing? How would you go about getting them this?
• What kind of interventions did you try/ have been tried on them and did they work? What kind of interventions do you think might be necessary now? What other agencies might you need to bring in?
• Can your agency help them, and if not, what is preventing them being able to do so, and what are the implications of this. Do your policies and experience help, or are they a hinderance? Is the way you structure things getting in the way or helping them?
• What other services might this person need, if any? What is your role in helping them get them, or in pushing for services to be developed?
• What can you conclude as being the way forward for this person, you as a worker and services for homeless people in general?
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