Homer and Langley by E.L Doctorow-What makes a Hoarder?-Life of the eccentric rich

| April 21, 2014

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options of what to write about:
-what makes a hoarder?
-does OCD have anything to do with being a hoarder?
-is being a hoarder a psychological or mental issue?
-How can you stop a Hoarder from Hoarding?
-what are the causes of hoarding?
-motivation for Hoarding?
Quotes: “The Hoarder cannot, with great anxiety,tolerate separation from or dispose of his possessions, thus accumulates vast amounts of separation”
Source: Cortez, Janna, and Thomas G. Gutheil. “I Can’t Let Anything Go:” A Case Study With Psychological Testing Of A Patient With Pathologic Hoarding.” American Journal Of Psychotherapy 63.3 (2009): 257-266. Academic Search Complete. Web. 26 Feb. 2014.
Additional Information:
Source: See R. Trenner, ed., E. L. Doctorow, Essays and Conversations (1983); C. D. Morris, ed., Conversations with E. L. Doctorow (1999); studies by P. Levine (1985), C. C. Harter and J. R. Thompson (1990), C. D. Morris (1991), J. G. Parks (1991), D. Fowler (1992), B. Siegel, ed. (2000), M. M. Tokarczyk (2000), and H. Bloom, ed. (2002).
Source: Nedelisky, A., & Steele, M. (2009). Attachment to people and to objects in obsessive-compulsive disorder: an exploratory comparison of hoarders and non-hoarders. Attachment & Human Development, 11(4), 365-383. doi:10.1080/14616730903016987
Quotes from Homer and Langley that must be used:
“..Langley called his theory of Replacements was his bitterness of life or despair of it.”(pg.30)
“I placed his springfield rifle on the fireplace mantle in the drawing room and there it has stayed, almost the first piece in the collection of artifacts from our American life.”(pg. 47)
“He found at some estate auction a player piano, an upright, It came with dozens of perforated paper scrolls on cylinders.” (pg. 70)
“He believed that there has to be somewhere in the world a better-sounding piano than my Aeolian.”(pg. 71)
“When Langley brings something into the house that has caught his fancy-a piano, a toaster, a chinese horse, a set of Encyclopedia- that is just the beginning.” (pg.72)
“I think there might be a generic basis for this. our father collected things as well.” (pg. 72)
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