Hollywood Cinema MID-TERM EXAM part II essay

| April 18, 2014

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This question requires critical engagement with some key issue or concept covered in weeks 1-6.
Students are tested on their knowledge and understanding of course materials–dossier readings and film examples. Answers should incorporate at least 4 critical readings from the dossier and at least 2 films screened in the course as examples. Outside research is neither required nor appropriate for this task. Students should fully reference all course materials used, including page numbers.
1. How did the distribution and exhibition of U.S. film change between the 1900s and 1930s—and what were some key effects of these changes?
2. How did U.S. film narrative change between 1890s and 1930s—and what changes in the film industry made such aesthetic transformations possible?
3. Considering both film content and screen cultures, discuss the emergence of what might be called an American national cinema between the 1890s and the 1940s.
Students should indicate which question they are answering at the beginning of the essay.
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Category: Media and Film Studies

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