HLTH100 Professional Communication Practice

| May 8, 2015
HLTH100 Professional Communication Practice
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* the main instructions for the essay are:
This is the you tube link for the Case study scenario:
Make sure you read all of the information listed below so that you know exactly what this assignment entails. Not reading the instructions is one of the main reasons why students lose marks.
1. Watch the video.
2. Imagine that you are the client in the interaction.
3. This assignment requires you to write an essay about the ‘science’ of effective interprofessional communication.
4. Research the importance of effective interprofessional communication to client safety. You may choose to start by logging into the UNE library website and searching the library catalogue and databases for journals and books about interprofessional communication.
5. Make sure you base the contents of your essay on information extracted from scholarly journals and books (i.e. do not rely on websites, Moodle learning notes, newspaper articles, or your personal experience).
6. Make sure every statement of fact in your essay is supported by an in-text reference from a scholarly source (i.e. not a website or any other source listed in item 5 above).
7. Make sure in your essay you address the following:
• Discuss the importance of good interprofessional communication to clients, families and significant others.
Why is it important that professionals who are part of the healthcare team communicate effectively with one another? What is the impact/outcome for clients, families and significant others if professionals do not communicate with one another? What does the literature say?
• Analyse the situation presented in the video from the point of view of the client, professionals and professional organisation.
What do you think is happening in the video? Is this something that happens often in healthcare? Do you think what is happening in the video in the long run is going to produce a positive outcome for the client, professionals and professional organisation? Why? What does the literature say?
• Analyse the effectiveness of the inter-professional team and their collaboration skills.
Is the health team in the video working together effectively? Is the team in the video collaborating with one another? What does the literature say about teamwork and collaboration?
• Identify the ‘barriers to communication’ from the point of view of the client, professionals and professional organisation.
What are barriers to communication? What are the barriers to communication in healthcare for the client, professionals and organization? What does the literature say? How many of the barriers to communication reported in the literature can you identify in the video for the client? Professionals? Organization?
• Discuss how the outcome for the client in the video could be improved by drawing on information from the interprofessional communication literature.
This is where you need to tell me how the healthcare team can do things better in order to improve the outcome for the client. What needs to change as far as this team is concerned? What are the important things about interprofessional communication that this team needs to pay more attention to? Make sure that any recommendation you make is supported by the effective communication literature and not just something you think is important.
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