Henry Ford Psychobiography

| April 6, 2014

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Conduct a Psycho-biography on Henry Ford
Use Three theories of personality (five factor model of personality, psychoanalytic theory, attachment theory)
describe, analyze and interpret the personality of Henry Ford.
Choose to focus on:
– the individual’s personality development across the lifespan
10-14 pages in length double-spaced
Must use APA citation and a bibliography page. NO PLAGIARISM AT ALL!
content is graded so focus on these questions when writing the paper:
– how effectively have you analyzed the individual’s personality?
– did you note, strengths and weaknesses of the personality theories that you used?
– did you compare and contrast the personality theories in your paper?
– Did you provide a sufficient and accurate review of the personality theories that you selected?
-did you accurately interpret the personality theories in your analysis of the individual?
-did you support your claims with appropriate and sufficient biographical evidence?
-Did you exhibit thoughtful, independent thinking in your analysis of the personality?
– did you demonstrate new ways to think about the theories?
It is also graded for style, mechanics and formatting:
– did your paper contain a clear statement of its purpose or objectives? (a short thesis explaining which theories you will be using to explain henry ford’s psychobiography)
– was your writing clear, concise and easily understood?
– was appropriate word choice and university level academic tone used
– was your paper well organized and characterized by effective transitions between ideas and a logical flow?
– Were sources of information paraphrased and citated appropriately and integrated effectively into your writing?
-Were there errors in punctuation, grammar or spelling?
-did you use APA correctly?
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