Hehir article

| August 30, 2015

Hehir article

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Please write your responses to the questions in a Word file and submit a hard copy in class . Please note that your document should not be more than 2 pages in length. Your goal should be to write clearly and succinctly while still answering the questions as completely as you can. I use this first short writing piece to get an idea of your writing skills.
Directions: Read the chapter and respond to the following questions and prompts.

1-Read the definition of “ableism” provided by the author. Provide an explanation that would be understood by a friend or family member who has no background or training in the field of special education.
2-The author indicated that he believed that ableist assumptions undermine the educational attainment of students with disabilities. Do you agree or disagree with that perception? Why?
3-The author wrote, “ableist assumptions become dysfunctional when the educational and developmental services provided to disabled children focus inordinately on the characteristics of their disability to the exclusion of all else.” What does that statement mean to you? Provide a few specific examples.
4-The author wrote, “The mere label of disability carries such negative connotations that many educators and some parents do their best to avoid it. Another reason that some may avoid labeling is the fact that a disability label may result in special education placements, which are often inferior to the regular classroom.” As a professional in the field of special education, what is your reaction to these assertions?
5-Summarize your thoughts of this article in two paragraphs.

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