Health Policy Reform

| August 31, 2015

Submit a three to five page (minimum), double spaced, APA formatted with title page and Reference page in Times New Romans 12 point font MS Word document for the assignment below. The minimum is 3 pages of content, which excludes the Reference and title page. Points are not discounted for going over the minimum page count. Refer to the grading rubric for Final Critical Analysis Assignment in the Syllabus. You will need to cite and reference from your textbook, the video below, and from a peer reviewed Journal Article written within the last five years on Healthcare Reform (Hint: Use your APA book to be sure all three are cited and referenced in perfect APA format; Also, look at the sample template I emailed you earlier in the course and posted under the Lessons tab for an example of how to format a journal article; although you will need to look up the specifics of how to format your article, since they are all different). For this assignment, you will need to do some Library Research. Go to the SCF online library and limit your Search to articles from peer reviewed journals written within the last year (Academic Research Complete is a good database). (Your Borrower ID is your “G00 number” and your “4 digit PIN” that were both assigned to you by the college). Also, Review, cite, and reference the following video: (Links to an external site.) What did you learn about this video? What needs to change in order for our country’s population to accept health reform at any level? Is a single payer system the only way? Discuss from this video and from information in your textbook, how you would develop a health policy that would address. Use APA Level One Headings for the following: Controlling insurance costs Increasing coverage (access) Improving health outcomes Addressing current health disparities Including vulnerable and underserved populations Allowing choice for consumers Encourage provider participation Improving technology and innovation Manuscripts need to be written in third person for APA, so write this assignment in third person voice (no “I”, no “you”, etc.). Instead of “I believe” write This author believes or Shi and Singh (2013) found…. Cite from all sources in each paragraph. You will submit this assignment into the TurnItIn dropbox. Be sure to paraphrase in your own words and cite. You are only allowed one submission. Late assignments will not be accepted. NO QUOTES ALLOWED. Academic Honesty: Each student is expected to earn his/her grade on the basis of personal effort. Any form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Plagiarism is the use of ideas, facts, opinions, etc. without giving proper credit. TurnItIn may be used to assess originality of work. Any submission with more than 25% content similarity may receive a grade of zero and may result in academic withdrawal from the course. It is the student’s responsibility to know the SCF Standards of Student Behavior.

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