'Health of the Family Business' Consultant's Report

| April 29, 2014

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You are an external Business Consultant (perhaps from KPMG or McKinsey) brought in by the Board of Directors of the Family Business to review the current strategy/strategic plan and to put forward a ‘Health of the Family Business’ Consultant’s Report on the basis of your independent, objective and professional opinion about how the Family Business is performing right now, i.e., what is working well; what requires a change in strategy and, possibly, what now needs to be abandoned because it’s not working.
You have already reviewed your Family Business (or a Family Business you know well) by using the Business Model Canvas to analyse the 9 Key Elements so you will also have both Lecture slides and notes from Seminar activities to remind you.
In addition to the 9 Key Elements of the Business Model Canvas, you will need to review the Financial Performance, Organisational Structure and Roles, Marketing Performance and comment on the success of the Brand.
It is up to you how you go about reviewing your own Family Business (or one you know well) by including your own particular views based on what you know about how the business has been running for the past few years, what you anticipate for its future and also what you have learnt in the past three years of studying the diverse range International Business and Marketing Modules during your time at Regent’s. The combination of these 3 perspectives will provide you with plenty of knowledge and experience to do well in this last assignment.
Write a Consultant’s Report including:
Title page (Family Business name, your name, submission date etc.)
Executive Summary (250-300 words on the highlights of your report – something that would be read by a CEO of CFO)
Contents Page
Introduction (what is the Family Business and its context?)
Key Elements (1-9) Review (review only what is relevant to your Family Business)
Financial Review (review current performance based on current strategy and, if you make recommendations, what the projected financial performance could look like in 1-3 years’ time)
Organisational Structure & Roles (use an organisational chart if that’s easier)
Marketing Review (including comments on the success of the Brand)
Conclusion (your summary of findings)
Recommendations (your independent, objective and professional opinion about what needs to happen next to make the Family Business and ongoing success)
Appendices (use the Appendices to include any models, charts or lists that help explain your review approach)
References (use the Core Text and/or any other texts, journals or articles that have assisted you in the analysis)
Maximum word count is 3000 (give or take 10%)
Remember that Title Page, Contents Page, Charts, Diagrams, Appendices and References do not count!
You should definitely put charts, diagrams,….
I would like you to choose a business within restaurants sector, because our family business is restaurant.
If you need further informations, please message me.
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