Health education and teaching in nursing practice

| April 18, 2014

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Identify and describe an adult learning theory/approach that can be used by the registered nurse to enable evidence based health teaching of clients in the clinical area. Provide and discuss two (2) examples demonstrating the success of this approach using a brief case scenario (maximum of 150 words each scenario). Use scholarly work and current literature to justify your discussion.
Assessment criteria:
Shows appropriate interpretation and analysis of the topic. Justification of the importance of the topic in the nursing practice is demonstrated.
Correct identification and application of an appropriate theory/approach or standard as relevant to the topic is addressed.
In depth discussion of the topic is supported by quality evidence from scholarly works and current literature to show sufficient investigation of the topic.
The paper has clear structure and logical progression. Sentence construction, spelling, grammar and punctuation are of an acceptable standard. Presentation format is in accordance with the Faculty of Nursing and Health guidelines.
Referencing is in accordance with the APA style as outlined by Perrin (2012).; Marks will be deducted for inadequate references and incorrect referencing.
Must include references from at least five recent books (5 – 7 years old), five related journal articles (preferably Australian journals) and up to five other credible electronic sources.
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