Health Economics and Finance

| April 12, 2015
Health Economics and Finance
Discussion Question
Discuss explicit rationing, using examples from developing income settings (Using Nigeria as an example. Not less than 400 words).
Include correct in-text citations and a Reference List (both in the Harvard style).
• All sources must be scholarly and fully referenced (indicate the URL of sources where available).
• I request for plagiarism report.
• Use real life examples where applicable.
The instructions for this assignment must be strictly adhered to
Required Resources
• Morris, S., Devlin, N. & Parkin, D. (2012) ‘Chapter 6: Health insurance and health care financing’. In: Economic analysis in health
care. 2nd Chichester, England: John Wiley & Sons, pp. 133-162.
• Hsiao, W.C. (2007) ‘Why is a systemic view of health financing necessary?’ Health Affairs, 26 (4), pp. 950-961 [Online]. Available
from: 18
August 2010).
• Iqbal, Z., Pryce, A. & Afza, M. (2006) ‘Rationalizing rationing in health care: experience of two primary care trusts’, Journal of
Public Health, 28 (2), pp. 125-132 [Online]. Available from: (Accessed: 18 August 2010).
• Mitton, C. & Donaldson, C. (2004) ‘Health care priority setting: principles, practice and challenges’, Cost Effectiveness and
Resource Allocation, 2, 3 [Online]. Available from:
direct=true&db=a9h&AN=28742425&site=ehost-live&scope=site (Accessed: 18 August 2010).
• National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence [Online]. (n.d.) Available from: (Accessed: 23
February 2010).
Supplemental Resources
• Carrin, G. (2002) ‘Social health insurance in developing countries: a continuing challenge’, International Social Security Review,
55 (2), pp. 57-69 [Online]. Available from:
+is…?&volume=5&issue=1&spage=&date=2003 (Accessed: 18 March 2014).
• Ekman, B. (2004) ‘Community-based health insurance in low-income countries: a systematic review of the evidence’, Health Policy and
Planning, 19 (5), pp. 249-270 [Online]. Available from:
title=What+is…?&volume=5&issue=1&spage=&date=2003 (Accessed: 18 March 2014).
• Mossialos, E., Dixon, A., Figueras, J. & Kutzin, J. (eds.) (2002) Funding health care: options for Europe. European Observatory on
Health Systems Series No. 4, Berkshire, U.K., Open University Press [Online]. Available from: (Accessed: 23 February 2010).
• Sekhri, N. & Savedoff, W. (2005) ‘Private health insurance: implications for developing countries’, Bulletin of the World Health
Organization, 83 (2), pp. 127-134 [Online]. Available from:
direct=true&db=mnh&AN=15744405&site=ehost-live&scope=site (Accessed: 18 August 2010).
• Brambleby, P. & Fordham, R. (2003) ‘What is PBMA?’, What Is…?, 4 (2), Hayward Medical Communications [Online]. Available from: (Accessed: 10 March 2010).
• Brambleby, P. & Fordham, R. (2003) ‘Implementing PBMA’, What Is…?, 4 (3), Hayward Medical Communications [Online]. Available from: (Accessed: 10 March 2010).
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