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| December 7, 2015

Must have book “Health Care USA Seventh Edition to answer questions. Authors Harry A. Sulz and Kristina M. Young


Chpt 4 & 5


Each questions must have a minimum of 200 words



  1. One of the most interesting health care developments in recent years is the retail clinic, or “MinuteClinic.” These days we see them popping up everywhere, especially at major chain pharmacies. What is a retail clinic? Do you feel that these clinics are a positive development for American medical care? Why, or why not


  1. Medical practice is certainly changing in America. Some of those changes have been reasonably well accepted by doctors, and others have come as a hard pill to swallow. One recent development is the physician report card. A hospital’s Chief of Staff made the following comment:. “I thought that I was done with being graded when I finished Residency. I am not sure that I want anybody grading me at this point in my career. I think that I should be grading them.” What is the physician report card? Provide an example of an Internet site that is providing these report cards for the public, as well as interesting information you find from that website




Questions – Must use website to answer questions.


Go to, and search for the article title “Physicians Moving to Mid-Sized, Single-Specialty Practices.”


Part 1: What does this research indicate about trends for physician group practice? Are doctors likely to practice alone these days, with one partner, or in larger groups? Explain the trend you are seeing in this data. Why is it happening?


Part 2: Study the trends reported here for doctors in solo or duo practice versus for those in larger group practice. Pay special attention to the Supplementary Table at the end of the report, which breaks this data down into physician specialties. Which types of specialties are most likely to continue in solo or duo practice? Which specialties are showing the strongest trends in forming groups? Why do you feel that this is the case?

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