HCAD 620 Assignment 2: Major Research Paper

| February 3, 2015

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Prepare a well-crafted double-spaced typed paper of roughly 6 pages in length, exclusive of any tables, etc.for the following topic:
I. Locate the organizational chart of any state (or Canadian Province) health department.
Select an agency with comprehensive jurisdiction over the health care quality and services of its citizens. (The Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene is a good example.)
For the agency you have selected, briefly discuss the following:
1. How is the agency organized to accomplish its statutory objectives? (You will have to ascertain what they are!) Do you consider the organizational optimal, merely adequate or effective or neither?
2. What are the primary sources of this agency’s budget?
3. What are this agency’s principal budgetary outlays and expenditures?
4. How are services for the poor addressed, if at all?
5. How does this agency seek to balance the competing interests of health care providers and the public? Are elected officials prominent in the agency’s administration?
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