Great Unruly WorldReaders Report

| August 26, 2015

Great Unruly WorldReaders Report

The Great Unruly World by Rebecca L. Clarke is a unique story that depicts a theme of responsibility, love and passion. At the beginning of the narrative, Rebecca shows passion from the neighbor Jim who provides Tate’s family with a vehicle which takes him to Brisbane International airport. Another element of passion and love is depicted throughout the better part of the narrative. For example, his mother Rachel calls him once they arrive in the airport masking her sadness. She could not stand to see her child living. In addition, Tate indicated that he loved her mother’s humanness as she was full of ego and empathy.
Another theme identified in the narrative is the theme of responsibility. Tate as a grown up now understands the meaning of being a protector. Since when he was 8, his father had left them for another woman and he was fully aware that his father was not responsible since he mocked his desires to experience life in foreign land. His mother on the other hand was reasonable for her. This is shown when she keeps asking Tate whether she has done all the requirements to ensure she was okay.  The plot of the study has a good flow that helps the reader to visualize all the steps taken by the characters. The use of dialogue in the plot makes the story easy to understand and makes the reader to indentify the main themes of the narrative. The tone of the narrative is simple and indicates compassion. Although Rebecca has done a unique work in developing the story from the word go, I am uncomfortable through her use of textile references such as the”until three 20’ something year old girls came in.” Instead, she could talk about the middle age girls instead of 20 something.

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