Global political economy

| April 19, 2014

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This is a third year course that focuses on global political economy. It is a political science course.
The question I choose is:
2. Examine the degree to which China has ‘caught up’ to today’s leading sector technology clusters. To what extent can China be said to be gaining leading sector technology advantages?
This paper requires you to use the course content, the textbook we used is Herman Schwartz, States Versus Markets the emergence of a global economy 3rd edition
Along with this other (external) sources must be used to complete the paper. (minimum 8 sources)
The textbook does a really good job at explaining a lot of the concepts because the concepts the course was structured around are the different chapters within this textbook
The term leading sector technologies and leading sector technologies advantages are all discussed in the textbook.
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Category: International Organizations and Global Governance

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