| December 7, 2015

A certain compound found in cigarette smoke causes A-T base pair to G-C base pair transitions. Could this compound induce nonsense mutations (that means it must change a sense codon to TAG, TAA, or TGA codons) in DNA? Explain your answer and show your work to receive any credit. Hint: (a). Draw double stranded sequence with each of the nonsense codons and label the 5� and 3� ends. (b). Change any GC base pairs (if there are any) to AT base pairs (make transitions only!!!!!), and write them underneath your double stranded nonsense codons. Circle the base pair that you changed. Look at the codons you drew underneath the stop codons, if any. What amino acid do they code for, if any? These are codons that could be mutated to stop codons by this compound. Now answer the question: Could this compound induce nonsense mutations? Explain.

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Category: Biology

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