| December 8, 2015

You have identified a novel protein kinase that you believe is involved in the signaling pathway to promote cell division. This kinase is a transmembrane protein that is activated by binding to the extracellular matrix. Because it requires Ca+2 ions to bind to amino acids that are adjacent to the active sit, you have named it Catacalcium. It is made up of three different protein domains.

a) What are the functions of the three domains of this protein?

b) What is the nature of the amino acids that make yp the three domains? You can be very general about the chemical characteristics of these amino acids. Make sure that the nature of the amino acids is consistent with the function of the different domains.

c) You have hypothesized that CAtacalcium is involved in the signaling pathway to promote cell division. Develop a prediction that goes along with this hypothesis/

d) If you wanted to block the activity of this enzyme within a cell, EXPLAIN one way that this could be accomplished. Hint: Consisder the different domains.

e) In the process of your research, you find that a high concentration of a molecule that is downstream in the cell division signaling pathway inhibits the activity of Catacalcium. What is a likely explanation for how this is happening?

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