| December 7, 2015

.One strand of a section of DNA isolated from E. coli reads:


Suppose that an mRNA were transcribed using the complement of this DNA strand as a template. What would the sequence of the mRNA in this region be?
How many different peptides could potentially be made from this sequence of RNA?
Would the same peptides be made if the other strand of DNA served as the template for transcription?
What peptide would be made if translation started exactly at the 5� end of the mRNA in part a?
When tRNA Ala leaves the ribosome, what tRNA will be bound next?
Will the amino or carboxyl group of alanine be involved in peptide bond formation?
When the preptide bond is formed, what bonds, if any, are broken, and what happens to tRNA Ala ?

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Category: Biology

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