| December 4, 2015

In this assignment, we will take a look at science and the scientific method. Then, you will design a (pretend) scientific study to answer a specific question based upon a observation. First choose ONE of the following Observations/Questions:

Option A: During the winter, you spread salt daily on your driveway to melt the snow. In the springtime, when you notice that there is no grass growing for about 3 inches from the driveway. Furthermore, the grass seems to be growing up to about 1 foot from the driveway. QUESTION: Might the grass growth be inhibited by salt?

Option B: Your neighbor added a farmer’s porch to his house and painted the ceiling of it blue. When you asked him why, he told you he had read that the sky blue ceiling would fool wasps into thinking it was the sky and they would not build any nests under the eaves of the porch or along the ceiling. QUESTION: Would a blue ceiling really deter wasps from building nests on the porch?

Option C: When taking a hike, you notice that a ruby-throated hummingbird seems interested in your red hat. It hovers over the hat and then darts away. QUESTION: Do ruby-throated hummingbirds prefer some colors more than others when visiting flowers?

After choosing ONE of the above (observations and question), you will do some library/internet research about the subject. Once familiar, propose a testable hypothesis to answer the question; and follow the rest of scientific method to determine if your hypothesis is correct by designing a controlled experiment.

You will NOT actually do the experiment or collect results. Rather, you will proposea workable controlled experiment and make up what would seem to be reasonable results. You will then discuss those imagined results and draw a conclusion (based upon your imagined results) about whether or not to accept your hypothesis.

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