: GB 560,Designing, Implementing and Improving Processes

| August 31, 2015

: GB 560,Designing, Implementing and Improving Processes

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Assessment Information

Subject Code: GB560
Subject Name: Designing, Implementing and Improving Processes
Assessment Title: Assessment 3 – Individual Project (Part 2) – Report

Assessment Description
GB560 Assessment 3: Individual Project (Part 2) – 3 Sections
Length: 2500 words
Submission through Turnitin
Sections 3–5 of this assignment build on the work you have already completed in Assessment 2: Individual Project Part 1 (Sections 1 and 2).
Do not submit this assignment as a separate document but as a continuation of your change document.
In this assignment you must evaluate the implementation and continuous improvement methodologies as they relate to the business process change you identified and evaluated in Part 1.
Section 3 (12 marks | word limit: 750–1000)
Complete the assigned readings and conduct your own research (using the internet) to continue the construction, analysis and evaluation of the business process change documentation for your nominated organisation.
A. Identify one specific activity to be performed within the process change.
B. Describe the activity (task) being evaluated.
C. Where would this activity (task) be performed within the organisation?
D. Who would perform the activity (task), and who would manage, measure and evaluate the activity (task) completion? Make sure you arrange this information under separate headings. Do not place the information in a large block narrative.
E. Describe the differences between measuring human performance and metrics for task completion.
F. Explore either Six Sigma, ISO 9000/9001 or the Balanced Scorecard as a method used to evaluate, measure, and encourage continuous improvement. From this exploration create a fishbone diagram that addresses one risk, a potential defect or a problem that may result from the change, which may have a negative impact on achieving the desired improvement.
G. Describe the perceived value of your fishbone diagram as a visual representation of the improvement process
Section 4 (12 marks | word limit: 750–1000)
For this section your goal will be to evaluate and discuss metrics for measuring performance and task completion in the change process.

A. Describe at least three (3) key performance indicators (KPIs) for the selected process change that must be continuously measured to ensure success. Ensure you separate out each KPI (don’t put your answers into a single block paragraph).
B. Metrics are performance markers, used at different intervals during the process timeline, to measure adherence to schedules and attainment of goals. Conduct research (using the Kaplan Library or the internet) to compare and contrast Six Sigma, the Balanced Scorecard and ISO 9000/9001 as different methods for preparing performance and completion metrics.
C. Recommend one of the three methods evaluated (Six Sigma, the Balanced Scorecard and ISO 9000) for your change process. Give reasons for your recommendation.
Section 5 (6 marks | word limit: 400–500)
This is the last section of the process change document. You are required to:

A. Produce an outline or a flowchart describing the entire change management plan.
B. Provide a concise summary of the entire change management plan (Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4).
Please Note: There are three sections of the project to be submitted to this inbox – each on a separate page.

Assessment Marking Rubric

Process change

Comprehensive analysis of activity covering all aspects of task and clear understanding of human performance and task completion. Fishbone diagram is accurate and addresses all aspects of question.

Metric evaluation

3 KPIs identified and analysed independently. Extensive relevant research on methods for metric evaluation. Recommendations are supported by rationale and evidence.

Flowchart and summary

Flowchart is accurate and covers entire change management plan. Summary is concise, accurate and provides clear direction.

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