Fraudulent claim behaviour

| April 29, 2014

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Please review the uploaded research paper “Fraudulent claim behaviours”. You are requested to complete the results section and discussion section in the current research paper.
Results section
You will see this section has been started. Where indicated in the text “DISCUSS” please expand upon the interpretation of the results in line with the research hypothesis which can be found illustrated in Table 2 (Expected grouping of fraud specific behaviours).
Referring back to the psychological literature described in the introduction section, please interpret the results presented in the SSA plots.
Please describe the variables which appear far way from each other within the SSA plot. This indicates that they are conceptually unrelated to one another. Please explain why this may be the case.
You should aim to produce an additional 3 pages of text to support the existing results section.
Discussion section
Relating back to the introduction section of the current research paper and the uploaded introduction literature, please write a discussion section describing what the current research paper has found, how the findings contribute to the existing academic literature and how it furthers our understanding of fraudulent claims behaviour.
This section should be approximately 6 pages.
Please refer to the points noted under the ‘conclusions’ title to help with the results and discussion.
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