Formating Charts in Excel

| December 6, 2015

Students, please view the “Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment” video in the Student Center.
Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center.
Week 8 On Your Own Homework 16-1
Worth 75 points
Note: Microsoft Office Suite 2013 (PC), 2011 (Mac), or more recent software is required to complete each homework assignment.
Note: Some On Your Own projects have been modified for students using Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac software. Students should select the appropriate version of the assignment based on the software they are using. Failure to do so may result in errors or difficulty when completing the project.
Note: Use the data files you downloaded previously.
Complete the weekly homework based on the following:

  1. Complete the On Your Own project (PC or Mac version) according to the project instructions and submit your assignment through the online course shell. Note: It is important to note that some On Your Own projects request a printed or self-submitted document. Students completing this course online or in a physical classroom must submit the assignment through the online course shell regardless of the instructions presented in each On Your Own exercise.
  2. Submit your assignment in the appropriate Microsoft Office application(s) using the filename “Last name_Firstinitial_OYO#” in addition to the appropriate filename extension (e.g., .docx, .dotx, .htm, etc.). For example: If your name is Mary Smith, the file for the On Your Own project 12-1 should be saved as Smith_M_12-1.dotx.
  3. Include your name, course section, professor name, title of the assignment, and version of the assignment (PC or Mac).
  4. Provide general comments on the overall assignment experience in two to three (2-3) sentences. Submit the written portion in the text box located in the assignment submission link.

On Your Own 16-1 1. Open the data file Portlandia located in the Chapter 16On Your Own folder. Save the workbook as Portlandia Skies. 2. In the Documentation worksheet, enter your name in cell B3 and the date in cell B4. 3. In the Weather worksheet, based on the data in the range A4:M8, insert an appropriate chart (such as a column chart, line chart, or bar chart). Move the embedded chart to a chart sheet named Average Days Chart. 4. Format the chart using an appropriate chart layout and chart style. 5. Insert an appropriate chart title for the chart, and then change the font size as needed. 6. Add appropriate axis titles, and change the font sizes as needed. 7. Position the legend appropriately, and change its font size, border color, fill color, and so forth as desired. 8. Change the axis scale as needed to eliminate blank areas of the chart. 9. Add vertical gridlines to the major units in the chart. 10. Format the plot area to use an attractive fill. 11. Change the data series as needed so that each data series uses a distinct data marker fill and line color. 12. In the Weather worksheet, edit the text in cell A6 to Partly Cloudy. 13. In the Weather worksheet, based on the data in the range A4:A8;N4:N8, insert a pie chart. Reposition and resize the chart attractively on the Weather worksheet. 14. Format the pie chart attractively, using the chart layout, chart style, chart title, legend, and data labels of your choice. 15. In the Weather worksheet, in the cells of your choice, insert a line or column sparkline for each of the following data: Clear (range B5:M5), Partly Cloudy (range On Your Own CMPTR2 Chapter 16: Inserting and Formatting Charts 2 On Your Own 16-1 B6:M6), Cloudy (range B7:M7), and Rainy (range B8:M8). Format the sparklines appropriately and enter labels to identify each sparkline. 16. In the Weather worksheet, insert data bars in the range N5:N8. 17. Save the workbook, and then close it.

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