FOMC Project

| February 3, 2016

FI 301 FOMC Projects Spring 2016

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meets on January 26-27 and March 15-16 this spring. For each of these meetings the student submits the following information typed (Double spaced, Times New Roman, Justified alignment) in one page or less (2 pages total for both assignments):

1. Summarize the action(s), if any, taken by the FOMC. (i.e. investment purchasing, monitoring of the federal funds rate, etc.) – paragraph 1
2. Explain in your analysis:
a. What was the FOMC’s rationale for taking these actions? – paragraph 2
b. What was the immediate effect of the announcement on the following economic indicators and your opinion on why this effect happened: – paragraph 3
i. Dow Jones Industrial Average
ii. Interest Rates
1. 3-month Treasury Bill Yield
2. 10-year Treasury Note Yield
Important notes: The DJIA average and the treasury securities rates should be their previous day’s closing and the closing average and rates on the day of the FOMC announcement.

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