Focused report on Unintentional Injury (public health)

| April 8, 2015
 Focused report on Unintentional Injury (public health)
In this report you will focus on one of the following (unintentional) injuries only: burns, falls, poisoning, drowning, or road
traffic injuries. Confine your report to one country (e.g. Australia) or one region (e.g. Asia). If you wish, you can further focus
your chosen injury mechanism in relation to a specific population subgroup (e.g. falls in children or falls in older people). You
should endeavour to provide detailed information from appropriate resources, such that your readers understand the extent of the
problem within the population and the identified risk factors in the country or area on which you are reporting. Consider also,
whether risk is distributed equally within your population. Research the literature to identify the range of interventions that are
(or should be) available to prevent and control this injury. Review government websites and reports to understand what is being done
at a population level in the country or region that you have selected.
You should discuss the interventions in terms of the 3 E’s of injury prevention (education, enforcement and engineering); and briefly
review the evidence of their effectiveness (you will likely need to search Medline or the Cochrane Library3). To what extent is this
injury addressed comprehensively? For example, a comprehensive approach to injury prevention would see a range of interventions within
the cells of the Haddon’s matrix.
Conclude your report with any recommendations for areas of further action.
Your final page should include an example of a completed Haddon’s matrix for the injury mechanism you have selected. Please note,
depending on what you have chosen, you may need to select just one aspect for the Haddon’s matrix or the task will be bigger than
required e.g. interventions to prevent burns from fire; or interventions to prevent burns from scalds. Ensure you define what aspect
you are looking at in the Haddon’s matrix.
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