Fire and Combustion

| May 27, 2015

From the following scenario and discussion board question create a 3- to 5-slide presentation. You many use various sources, including your textbook or other scholarly material. You will be presenting this PowerPoint to the class by attaching it under this thread; you may need to add written explanation for the contents of your slides. It may be necessary to use the PowerPoint slide notes function to provide brief explanations. You will need to emphasize key points taken from this unit to fully discuss the question and how it relates to this unit.

A fire begins in the corner of the chair as the result of a cigarette that fell into the crack between the seat, cushioning and the back of the chair. The initial smoldering transitions to flaming, slow at first but growing. At about one minute, the flame is as high as the back of the chair, and wispy black smoke is rising toward the ceiling. Within a minute and a half, black smoke began to spread across the entire ceiling in a thick layer. The bottom of the layer is about four feet from the floor. Within two minutes in the upper layer, flames can barely be seen, but are spreading across the ceiling with little bursts of light from the flames. The air in the lower part of the room (away from the fire itself) is still relatively cool and clear. However, just after four minutes, the upper layer is now so hot that the radiant energy is intense enough to ignite other furniture in the room. Discuss what this phenomenon is in the PowerPoint presentation.

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