Financial markets

| May 25, 2015

As the newly-hired pension fund management team for a Multinational Corporation, you are responsible for managing the $100 Million portfolio on behalf of the association. The monies are currently 100% invested in cash and cash equivalents.

Write a paper of not more than 10 pages, as follows:

  1. Determine an appropriate asset allocation percentage between fixed income, stocks, and cash, in accordance with a moderately conservative risk-tolerance investment policy.
    • Describe, and defend your selections of Capital Markets Securities investment categories that would be suitable given the policy parameters and constraints of your directives. With regard to your securities selections:
    • Consider types of securities, maturities,
    • Credit ratings if appropriate, and other important criteria.
    • You have also been instructed to add an international component to aid in diversification efforts.
  2. This multinational corporation has a satellite branch in London, England. The financial statement below reflects this year’s income statement for this branch. Please provide the income statement below converted into US Dollars. Discuss accounting exposure and the impact it may have on profits.


10 page paper

references required

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