final report doing business in Japan

| August 22, 2015

final report doing business in Japan

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I choose japan this country , please make sure the similarity is less than 5%,I need update to turnitin software to cheek similarity. this is very important for me.
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A knowledge of the location of countries within their regional groupings and their geography is important to the international business person. Prepare a progress report on the salient geographical facts of the country among China, India, Japan and South Korea. By providing the following information of the region or country, students are required to assess the contemporary issues that illustrate unique challenges of international business in the country of your choice. For example, students could focus on the macro-economic and political changes that have taken place in the last four decades of the country or region and suggest the implications of these changes for today’s international business

Final Report should be word-processed with a text length between 2,700 and 3,300 words excluding appendices, references and bibliography. Please note that the Final report will involve a comprehensive country analysis in which you will be expected to identify the key issue(s), evaluate and recommend. It is essential that students present an in-depth diagnosis and recommend a realistic, workable plan of action. The report should have the following contents.

– Core issues and challenges in doing business in the chosen country are clearly identified

– Good reflection of theoretical/conceptual knowledge applied to country analysis

– Good rationale (logic and justification on the choice of solutions and recommendations)

– Implications of key findings on today’s international business; and

– Feasibility of recommendations and solutions

The format for the Final report is as follows:

1. Executive summary

– What is the issue? How was it investigated? What did you find out? And what is the significance of the findings?

2. Contents

3. Introduction

– Background info about the topic, aim/purpose of the investigation, outline how the main section (body) is structured.

4. Analysis

5. Recommendations

6. Conclusion

7. References

8. Appendix (if any)

Please note that the Final Report should essentially be on recommendations on the best strategies for foreign companies in doing business in the country. As such your final report should reflect critical analyses of the problems/issues/challenges that the foreign company faces in the process of internationalisation in the chosen market (one of those four countries) and its implication on today’s global business environment. Those of course need to be backed up by relevant literature and examples (evidence).

The Written Report needs to be typewritten in Microsoft Word format and submitted via LearnOnline. By providing the following information of the country, students are required to assess the contemporary issues that illustrate unique challenges of doing business in the country.
Economic and political climate for foreign business in Asia;
Legal and bureaucratic environment in Asia;
Managerial and labour environment in Asia;
Social and cultural environment for foreign business in Asia;
Human resource and labour environment;
Industry and policy factors; and
Customer and competitive factors.

Content refers to the ability to comment on case background and context; depth of analysis of the study focus, pros and cons of recommended courses of action, concise, clear, analytic use of theories (from class discussion and the readings) and case materials.
Presentation is concerned with the logical sequencing of ideas, appropriateness in referencing, and the physical layout of the submitted work.
Originality is the generation of your own ideas from the study and the synthesis of established theories/concepts.

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