| December 8, 2015

From the act of pollinating flowers, a bee population gains the benefit of a 0.06 growth rate increase per month. However, the costs imposed by the flower (bees occasionally getting stuck, time spent pollinating the flower instead of pollinating other species, etc.) is a 0.02 reduction in growth rate per month. The flower gains benefits from the pollination that enhance its population growth rate by 0.05 per month, but it incurs costs (feeding the bees, damage done by the bees) that reduce its growth rate by 0.07 per month. Which of the following statements about the relationship between the bees and the flowers is true?

It is a host?parasite relationship in which the bees are the hosts and the flowers are the parasites.

It is a host?parasite relationship in which the flowers are the hosts and the bees are the parasites.

It is an amensalism

It is a commensalism.

It is a mutualism.

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Category: Biology

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