Feature Story on Canons cameras features

| April 18, 2014

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The story requires creative writing on Canon cameras features of their latest collection
There should be 12 paragraphs and each paragraph should follow the following outline:
1. Introduction.
2. Optical zoom.
3. Built-in Wi-Fi.
4. Near field communication (NFC) built-in.
5. Automatic shooting.
6. Creative Shot Mode.
7. Canon’s Hybrid Auto mode.
8. PowerShot N features by adding a Mobile Device Connect button.
9. Selfie-loving market.
10. HD pictures and videos.
11. Flash.
12. Conclusion.
Other points and tips about the story:
The purpose is to associate Canon’s cameras features with a narrative that entertains, informs, and ultimately persuades.
It should be creative, innovative, and poetic
Each paragraph should be 6-12 sentences and should begin with the strongest, most active lead / topic sentence possible
Sentences need to be short and direct (15-20 words/ 1-2 lines)
Lead sentences should describe actions
Appeal to self interest when possible
Employ statistics, numbers, expert commentary where possible
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