| April 2, 2014

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we work group with 5 persons with term project . we open a restaurant “Fast Food ” . so each person will be analysis each part . so my part will be this outline .i want to analysis this part :
A. Leadership techniques/justification
1. Have a general policy for all the members
2. Each of the team members needs to have a proper training section
3. Have awards to all the good employee and punishments to the not good employees
4. Have a proper process to how to handle a problem
B. Motivation
– Have a general that apply to all employees
– Depend on the job, each members require different skill sets
– Award the employee that reaches their goal early and on time
– Have a warning or training section for those employees that didn’t make their goals on time
– Have a compensation package for all employees at the end of the year depending on the level of successful
C. Groups and Teams
1. Types of group
– The owner of the restaurants
– The management of the restaurant
– Cashier teams
– Cleaning teams
– Sales teams
– Chef teams
– Services team
2. Team Building
– Each team has a leader and the schedule for each job per day
– The leader make sure to check them to do the work and responsible with the results
– The restaurant will save time and money because each of the employees will have their own goal and the team goal. So they will work toward that to make their goal and the team goal.
3. Developing organizational norms: Most of the Vietnamese fast food restaurants,
They normally have one employee to take care of three to four different duties. Sometimes it works out really well but sometimes they don’t exceed what they suppose to do
4. Everyone needs to know the benefit when they reach their own goal, team goal and the restaurant as a whole.
D. Communication
1. Managing the organizational communications network
– Utilize all the equipment and channels through out the restaurants
– Update or post the notices in the break room
2. Tools
-Sending out letters or notices to all employees
– Planning a meeting to have all the employee’s ideas and opinions
– Having one by one meeting with the management
E. Decision Making: Depending on the topics of the matters, the director and the business owners have a plan to solve the issues. If the matter doesn’t factor that much to the business, the director can solve it himself.
If the matter affects a lot of people, we need to have a meeting with the owner and the employees with the following steps:
1. Recognize the problem and decide how important it is
2. Give out the surveys to get all the opinions from employees
3. Collect the data and talk the management
4. Give the final decision
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