Family Purchasing

| February 4, 2015

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Part 1
1. Your case family chooses to purchase sustainable food when it is possible.
a) Discuss what aspect(s) of sustainable food might appeal to them the most.
b) Which places would you recommend them to shop and why?
c) Using explore which seasonal products/crops are available in MI during the winter season. Share 2 recipes that include primarily these crops (bullet format).
HINT: following the link below, look for MI farmer’s markets, choose one and scroll down; you will find a list of products/crops that area available.
d) Which fresh products can they still buy out of season? (bullet format)
e) Your case family still thinks that eating sustainable food can be expensive. Provide them with tips on how to buy sustainable food on a budget (long-answer).
f) Discuss any reasons (other than financial) why your case family might abandon the idea of sustainable food purchase.
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