Falling Oil Prices Effect on ABU DHABI's BUSNIESS

| May 1, 2015

Falling Oil Prices Effect on ABU DHABI’s BUSNIESS

a.    Ten (10) relevant questions
b.    Additional Follow up questions, if Needed
c.    Mention how long will the  interview be made for each person/respondent
Note: If you shall use a written survey instrument, you must indicate if
a.    You have personally  prepared it (Self-made)
b.    Modified existing Questionnaire (mention who the author is and in what study was this done)
c.    You have completely  copied/used it (mention the author; you need to justify why this is suited for your study)

1.to determine the effect of oil prices. ( THREE QUESTION RELATED )
2. to find out how this effects the economy performance of abu dhabi ( TWO QUESTION RELATED )
3.to find out what is the reason of oil price reduction ( TWO QUESTION RELATED )

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