Facebook – The Universal Diary

| April 6, 2014

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This Power Point must be around 10 slides long, and enough for a speech of 7-1- minutes long.
Also should be based on the Outline provided below:
Facebook – The Universal Diary
I. Attention
A. Grabber – On March 9, 2010, a shocking lesson was learned. A 17-year-old girl was murdered and dumped on the side of the road. Ashleigh Hall was supposedly going to sleep over a friend’s house when really she went to meet a 16 year old Facebook male that took interest in her. Later a 32-year-old man was convicted of murdering her. Telegraph Newspaper reported that the murderer’s fake Facebook account gained the interest from 14,600 visitors, almost 3,000 becoming online “friends” and all of whom were females ranging from the age of 13 to 31.
B. WIFFA – Next time you’re in the computer lab, take a look around while your computer is logging on. You will be surprised how many students are in the virtual world of Facebook at that particular time and at any other time. Facebook has been spreading like a virus around the world, causing Facebook “fever.” My survey showed that 80 % of you are using social networking websites. In fact, all of you using these websites are on Facebook.
C. Preview – Even though social networking websites appear as a perfect way for communication, many people do not realize the downside of using them.
II. Need
A. State Problem –
i. The fastest growing social website is Facebook. In fact, Facebook has become a phenomenon. It is huge! It’s so big that a group of students at Stanford University, California, are taking a course named “The Psychology of Facebook” reports Frank Agyemang in his article “Infected with Facebook Addiction Disorder?” Yes, it is convenient way to keep up with friends and family, as all of you using it said on the survey, but the line between social networking and social dysfunction is thin. People create virtual relationships which are no more than a post on a “wall,” a meaningless picture comment or a “challenge” between “friends” to take ridiculous quizzes to find out how they will die, for example, what is their mental disorder (the answer to this one should be – Facebook Addiction Disorder), or the first name of the person whom they are going to marry. The startling fact is that people spend time on such absurd applications in addition to trivial status updates, which are rarely of any real value: I myself am not quite interested to know that someone just took a shower. Statistics show that more than 6 billion minutes are spent, I mean wasted, on Facebook each day worldwide with 4 million status updates daily. Imagine that time used for self improvement such as reading, or exercising.
ii. Wasting that amount of time is of course the “brighter” concern. By exposing ourselves to the world, we not only endanger our potential and current job opportunities, but our lives.
1. Facebook is like a universal diary. It is a diary of over 400 billion people worldwide. But instead of hiding it in the safest place, we expose it, so everyone can see it.
2. As social networking website is spreading through the world, more potential employers are using it as a reference. Additionally, Author Joshua Brustein reports in his article “Keeping a Closer Eye on Employees’ Social Networking” published in New York Times that companies are implementing new software called Social Sentry which automatically monitors Facebook and Twitter accounts. So an inappropriate post or a picture can easily cost you your job. For instance, officials in Pennsylvania’s Brownsville Area School District suspended a teacher for 30 days without pay after someone posted photos of a bridal shower she attended. The teacher was shown as a male stripper in some of the photographs.
Give Examples –
3. Once someone is posted on line, you can completely lose track of it. Imagine posting a picture of you partying and drinking, and in 20 years your child discovers it. How legitimate would your parenting policies look then?
4. “A Man killed his wife in Facebook row because of a posting she made on the site. Wayne Forrester 34 has been jailed for life for stabbing his wife Emma, also 34 to death just because she changed her online profile to “single” days after he had moved out.”
B. Relate to audience
III. Satisfaction
A. State solution –
i. Deactivate accounts
ii. Communicate with your friends and family by the old but safe way – calling, emailing, and texting.
iii. Delete/don’t accept people you don’t know personally
iv. Limit the information that you put up on these sites.
B. Prove it worked elsewhere –
i. Using social networking websites for more than six years, I finally quit a month ago. Every time I got access to a computer or phone I used to check my Facebook account along with my email, as probably most of you do. And even though I was trying to get out of there, I felt hooked most of the times and I wasted a ton of time. Given the fast pace of the lives we’re leading, time is precious. I always found myself feeling not enough informed as to what is going on in the world, and I always set goals that I would start reading more news. But of course, I was too busy “stalking” my “friends.” Now instead of doing that, I spend that time reading the leading news on my yahoo e-mail page and am finally able to catch up with the world.
IV. Visualization –
V. Action – Stop/avoid/limit using social networking websites. Instead of trying to be “involved” in the world artificially, why not get involved in real life. We do not know where the technology will take us, but let’s hope that, wherever it is, we can recognize the pros and cons and not let it interfere with our everyday lives negatively. Hopefully, we will be able to manage to preserve real interactions with the world around us and keep our personal space private. That, after all, can save lives!
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