Exercise and happiness

| February 2, 2015
As a newly minted psychology scientist, you are asked to design a simple experiment using the experimental research design to determine the effect of _______ on ______(choose your option from the enclosed list). You are required to use NTC students as your research sample. Using the scientific method attitude and procedures as your foundation, describe how you would conduct the experiment. DO NOT actually conduct the experiment; just describe it! You are asked to complete a 6 to 8+ page Microsoft Word computer-generated paper including: A. Discussion of the scientific method, including definition, why it is important to use, and general procedures and steps. B. Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion Sections • Introduction section should describe (1) the research problem; (2) why it is important to study; and (3) your research hypothesis. • Method section should describe: (1) how you carried out the study including how many participants were in the study and procedures for selecting them; (2) who the participants are (e.g., age, health, gender, intelligence, motivation); (3) materials used in your study; and (4) step-by-step procedures for gathering data from research participants. • Results section should summarize hypothetical data collected from your research participants. Add a graph or chart to illustrate the research data. • Discussion section should include (1) what conclusions you reached; (2) the significance of research results; (3) research limitations; and (4) how you shared your findings with others. C. Include in your study the following important experimental research design components: • What are the Independent/Dependent Variables in this study? • How operationalize and measure the Independent/Dependent Variables? • Define, explain, and apply the following terms: random sampling, random assignment, experimental group, control group, double-blind study, and experimenter/research participant biases. D. APA-Style Writing Guidelines • Include APA-style title page with running head, page number, title of experiment, your name and Northcentral Technical College. Do not include an abstract, text citations, or reference page • Use 12 size font, 1-inch margins, 5-space paragraph indentation, double spacing, and Times New Roman font style.
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