Eurasian Economic Community customs Union – a step towards the new EU or towards the reincarnation of the new Soviet Union

| November 27, 2014

Eurasian Economic Community customs Union – a step towards the new EU or towards the reincarnation of the new Soviet Union

Order Description

Talk about globalization, the end of the cold war, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the emergence of Western dominated world. The weakened Russia since 1991 and its activity in IR from Georgian war to Ukrainian crisis. Russia in its region
Firstly should talk about soft power and regionalism and explain how some countries are dominating others in either short or long period of time (the exercise of soft power in regional integrations). Intentions of those dominating countries are uncertain. The anarchic system of IR?
Show example of how some countries are dominating in their region through the usage of soft power.
Give example and explain in terms of the SU its development, agreements, migration and economy.
Give example and explain in terms of the EU its development, agreements, migration and economy.
Compare them between each other – one authoritarian the other one not even though there is a certain strong state in each case .
Secondly explain CU its development, agreements, migration and economy.
Thirdly compare SU’s, EU’s and CU’s structure. Claim that even though CU is still far underdeveloped comparing to SU and EU, we already can see how strong is Russian intention (Give examples of Kyrgyzstan and the money loaned to it
show how Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh problem is promised to be solved
in this regional integration and how strong its affluence is
(The high taxes implemented on crude oil, gas, mazute)
talk about all the resources that those countries- Kazakhstan Azerbaijan have ( as in unity with Russian resources and technological power it is very important) and mention the low population and link it to migration policies implemented by Russia
Russia will become less depended on West, because there will be a huge easily accessible market for Russia (all regional states + the current pipeline and agreement with China)
The new CU, which will probably be a Russian dominated regional structure, (as the Germany as a soft power dominates in EU and as Russia in SU due to its economic strength) will probably be neither the OLD SU or the old EU, but a mixture of both resulting into a new kind of EU- or the transformation of CU. Advantages of CU over the other two ( CU will be more powerfull and effective than SU and EU)
There is definitely something huge emerging. I would argue that there are two possible scenarios: Russia becoming the strongest in a political and economic sense and other countries becoming much weaker or all countries within that agreement mutually benefit (which is again less likely due to history and historical contradictions)
Discuss both possible scenarios and explain the possible economic and political development in both.
The emergence of such superpower on international agenda may absolutely change the currently existing order. From this point of view the western reaction to Russia’s activity in international relation becomes risky, and may destabilize the unstable the international system. The possibility of aggression of a nuclear super power aggression (Which was aggressive before in the SU times) becomes a threat.
The problem is the constructed image of threat coming from Russia, when the possibility to negotiate and cooperate is less likely due to Russian policies on international level in the last few years (Georgia, Ukraine). It is all about uncertainties and inability to see a benefitual result
The emerging power will be huge, uncertain and very powerful.
Russia becoming less dependent on west
If west implements sanctions, they motivate Russia to be more active within CU. Sanctions are useless


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