Ethical Challenge

| April 29, 2014

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I need an urgent paper that due tomorrow. I’ll attach the case and in structure later.
Here are the questions that need to answer :
1. What are the ethical issues?
2. Who are the stakeholders?
3. What are the facts? What are the suppositions and unknowns?
4. What are the alternatives/options? Identify at least three alternatives.
5. Carefully evaluate each alternative based on
a. Consequences to stakeholders
b. Duties, rights, and principles
c. Anna’s personal integrity
6. Decide upon a course of action and explain why you selected it.
7. Now assume that you are the regional HR manager, located at corporate
headquarters in Atlanta, responsible for the Ft. Meyers facility. If Anna comes to you for advice what will you advise her. Explain your role and responsibility for helping ensure ethical behavior within the company. In addition reference specific sections of the SHRM Code that you will apply to the situation in the case.
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