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| November 9, 2015

Your essay will be handed over to you in the correct time frame and in the required format. Note that all our papers are of high quality, written from scratch and 100% plagiarism free.

Essay writing

An essay is a brief piece of writing that covers variant details about a particular topic of study. It requires research, much study and relevant answers to a particular research question. This can be quite a daunting task especially for international students, students who are unable to differentiate different types of essays and those who are looking to obtain the best grade on time.
We provide all services required for essay writing to our clients and ensure only the best essays are submitted. Relax because we offer a complete peace of mind to you.

Essay writing features and Word Format
Quality work customized to your requirements and needs. Once you place your order, we go through your order instructions so that we are able to link your work to the most appropriate writer. In case you have additional instructions, it is important you communicate with our support team available 24/7, we ensure the same is followed through our quality analysis on the paper.
We deliver our work in Microsoft Office Word (doc or docx) format. However when submitting you paper instructions include the format you would like you work in, and we will deliver accordingly. Some of the formats we have been asked to deliver are; pdf, rich text format (.rtf), Apple pages and open office writer (.odt)

Fully Referenced Essay
It is vital to reference work and using the right sources provides with the supporting evidence needed in any essay. Referencing is the acknowledgment of sources used and distinguishes own ideas from those of someone else and to validate what you are writing, by referring to documented evidence. Our writing service offers a range of referencing styles; APA, MLA, Harvard, Oxford, Vancouver, Chicago, Footnotes, Turabian, Open University, BMJ, and MHRA.

Qualified Professional Writers
Our writing service had a wide pool of writers with experience in writing across the board and a wide range of topics at different levels be it high school GCSE, diploma, bachelors, masters or Ph.D. We ensure to provide you with the grade that you have requested and if English is not your first language just tell us and our writers will be able to change their use of language to suit your paper. We also understand that university standard vary globally, and we have writers from all over the world ready to take on your essays. We know it is vital for our UK customers to have professionals who are conversant with UK standards. The same applies for our clients from Australia and the US who have their work written by our Australian and American writers respectively.

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