| May 31, 2015

What is meant by the term “global elite?”  Who are the members of the global elite, and how do they differ from the upper-class elites ?  Why are the global elite “not limited by borders?”  In your response provide examples of members of the global elite as well as evidence to support your response.


Discuss how race is more a sociological classification than a biological one. Provide situations in which an individual’s race may be mistaken or taken for granted. In the United States the key stratifying variable is race; in Europe it is SES (socioeconomic status). Why do you think there is this difference?


What is the role of religion in society?  In your response, include a comparison of the theories on religion of Marx, Weber, and Durkheim.  Has the role of religion in society changed over time?  How does this relate to the current generational shift in religious affiliation in the U.S.?


Describe your vision of a model economic system – is it capitalist, socialist, or somewhere in between? In your answer be sure to compare and contrast the two major economic systems (capitalism and socialism).

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