Equal Employment Opportunity/Discrimination in Employment

| April 21, 2014

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Paper Topic: Equal Employment Opportunity/Discrimination in Employment
The topics in these areas are of interest to those engaged in business. Rather than have you answer set questions on a selected article, it is your responsibility to find something in the current news (within the past calendar year) that touches on one of the topics contained in your reading in the text in these chapters. So, for example, with product liability, find a part of this general topic in the reading that intrigues you and then search reliable news/web sites for an article of sufficient length and detail for you to be able to write a 1-2 page summary of the issues raised and explain to me how they connect, reflect, enhance and/or change something presented on this topic in the text.
It is critical that you find something with some substance to it in order to be able to write a paper that demonstrates your understanding of the issues. You must also submit to me, along with your paper, the source you selected for the topic. For example, if you read an article and op/ed in the New York Times, you must provide me with copies so that I can see your source(s). Make sure to relate what this source tells you to what you learned from the text. Be sure to make the connection in your paper.
Note: Each of these two papers is worth up to 25 points toward your total grade for the semester, so it is important not to miss these opportunities. Don’t miss the deadlines (see Syllabus and consult for any revisions), and hand in ONLY a hard copy, please (i.e., no e-mailing of assignment).
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