Environmental studies and Forestry

| August 28, 2015

Environmental studies and Forestry

The importance of energy usage in hospitality has always been clear. The concept of maintaining warmth and light for guests in lodging is as old as hospitality itself. The term concierge may have its roots in the term for keeper of the candles. In food service, massive amounts of energy are used to store and prepare the food that is served. Energy costs can run as high as three to four percent of total revenue in hotel.<br /> <br /> As energy costs increase, it becomes necessary for hospitality and food service professionals to understand where the power for their operation comes from and how much they use, as well as to develop procedures for using less. Energy costs can affect a hotel greatly. Guests are often very unconcerned about how much energy they use when they stay in a hotel, even if they are energy conscious at home.<br /> <br /> Part #1<br /> <br /> Choose one of the following methods to assist for your paper submission<br /> <br /> Choice #1:<br /> <br /> · Discuss cost efficiency concepts with of the following utilities.<br /> <br /> o Gas <br /> <br /> o Water<br /> <br /> o Electric<br /> <br /> o Disposal<br /> <br /> o Sewage<br /> <br /> · Identify 3 areas with each that could reduce costs or increase efficiency.<br /> <br /> · Be sure to cite your resources.<br /> <br /> Choice #2<br /> <br /> · Research and identify a stove and steam kettle for a restaurant kitchen that uses electricity vs. gas that you may purchase.<br /> <br /> · Identify comparisons of each model in regards to <br /> <br /> o cost of insulation<br /> <br /> o projected cost of fuel<br /> <br /> o maintenance<br /> <br /> o overall efficiency<br /> <br /> · State which you feel would be the most beneficial to your establishment and discuss why.<br />

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