Entrepreneurial business plan- clothing brand start up

| November 26, 2014

Entrepreneurial business plan- clothing brand start up

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1-read the task, and the paper carefully.
there is a quick brief below.

2-kindly proof reading the paper and delete unnecessary 400 word to be replaced with what you going to add( please highlight the deleted and added parts with two different colours)

the assignment is 4000 word limit

3- Support the business plan with any tool, model or criteria in relation to entrepreneurship. for i.e design and innovation/

Course Description:

The project in Entrepreneurship offers scope for candidates to pursue their own business related research interest in three broadly define areas, namely; the new enterprise creation process or the strategic management of innovation relevant to established or growth oriented SMEs and other organizations. The project will therefore allow a candidate to pursue research into an area or topic related to their personal entrepreneurship endeavors. Previous candidates have used the project as a vehicle for undertaking research that leads to a business plan documenting the means by which a new venture may be established should it implement strategies designed to introduce innovation through entrepreneurial management.


You are required to present a professionally written report detailing the project work based on your research ( please find the file)
The Major Project Output (MPO) will be the outcome of the practical project undertaken as the basis for this course work. By practical we mean relating to practice or action, and the MPO may take the form of a business plan, strategic plan, implementation report, conference or journal article or some other output that relates to your entrepreneurship career or pursuit.

The structure of the MPO should provide relevant information, which enables the reader to have a comprehensive understanding of the rationale, conduct and outcomes described by the MPO along with any relevant recommendations or future actions that arise as a result of the MPO. This requires smooth flow of information supported with succinctly written arguments. The report should be authentic and logical, coupled by sound reasoning. Any recommendations should clearly identify the resource requirements and clearly define any relevant risks and uncertainties. Future benefits in terms of, for instance, survival and growth should also be discussed with critical reasoning and support, Generally, the MPO should exhibit sound logic, in-depth thinking and synthesis of other course materials presented through the program.

Criteria by which your assessment will be marked:

The academic assessment can only make judgment on the educational validity and not the actual business or report result or outcome.
The standards by which the assignment will be assessed include:

• The degree to which you have clearly communicated the aims and objectives of your MPO and succeeded in the task.
• Logic planning, structure and sequence of presenting your findings.
• Evidence of wide reading, research and of critical analysis of the issues concepts.
• Use of resources in formulating your report.

The Idea:

Is to establish a clothing brand which offer it customer fully mass customisation experience IN-store and/or online; by providing the fast moving peace of clothes, fabrics, and additional fashionable peace’s and accessories which can be attached and/ or assorted to any peace of clothes.

The IN store structure will be as following:

1- Large show room: have all the mentioned items above, assistance staff.
The customers will entre the store to design a specific peace of clothe, or she/he could ask the assistance staff.

2- The implementation section: after selecting the design and all the items/ accessories involved in the design, the customer will do the payment. While the product is being produced.
The customer could see the process of doing the product. And negotiate with the staff.

The main factor of success in my point of view is finding the suitable technological machine that is flexible in terms of assorting and manufacturing, and the professional staff.

Also, partnership could be made with the world most known brands like Gucci, LV, and so on. The partnership could be benefited by supplying the old or un sold products, to re produce it, present it at store so customers could select plane peace of clothes and attach the brand’s peace’s, logos, or remarkable parts in it.


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